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VA Veggie Flower and Dressing Set

VA Veggie Flower and Dressing Set

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Veggie Flower and Dressing Set

Veggie Flowers creates bouquets and objects using locally produced vegetables and fruits, based on the concept of "enjoying the sight and eating deliciously," allowing people to become familiar with vegetables and fruits through all five senses.
This time, we asked participants to create original bouquets using vegetables and fruits from Kumamoto Prefecture.

If you give a bouquet of vegetables and fruits as a gift, it will add a sense of surprise and make the recipient very happy.
Please try our Veggie Full Bouquet by combining it with Fundodai Dressing.

■Specifications: 1 bottle of veggie flower and your choice of dressing ■Origin: Kumamoto Prefecture ■Product delivery information:
Please specify the desired delivery date and time. (The period will be 3 weeks from 6 business days after the order date.)
If you do not enter a desired delivery date, we will send the item as soon as it is ready.
■Please choose your favorite dressing.
If you do not select a dressing, we will provide you with a recommended item.
■A message card will be included.
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■Product shipping: Products will be delivered by Yamato Transport [Cool Delivery].
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