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Revolutionary Spicy Garlic Miso Sauce 255gP

Revolutionary Spicy Garlic Miso Sauce 255gP

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This dish is made with flavorful miso, chili bean paste and black bean paste, and finished with a fragrant touch of garlic and ginger.
I use garlic, which loses its smell after 3 hours.
It can be used in a variety of dishes, such as marinating, frying, mixing, grilling, soups, and dips.

[Contents] 255g
Ingredients: Miso (made in Japan), sugar, soy sauce, grated garlic, fermented rice seasoning, chili bean paste, black bean paste, spices, ginger, sesame, salt, chili pepper extract, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, caramel coloring, thickener (xanthan), sweetener (licorice), vitamin B1, (contains soybeans, wheat, and sesame)

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