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Clear soy sauce

Clear soy sauce

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- A special and slightly mysterious soy sauce -

We have created a clear soy sauce using a unique method while maintaining the flavor of soy sauce.
This is a new type of soy sauce that makes the most of the colors of the ingredients.
This product goes beyond Japanese cuisine and can be used as a seasoning for a variety of dishes.
Ingredients: Soy sauce distillate (domestically produced), salt, brewed vinegar/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, cyclic oligosaccharides, sweetener (stevia), (contains soybeans and wheat)

[Nutritional values]
(100ml) Energy 54kcal, Protein 2.9g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 5.9g, Salt equivalent 15g

Cooking will be fun
Adding flavour to your dishes
Clear soy sauce can be used in a variety of dishes.
It's also perfect as a secret ingredient.

Clear soy sauce adds more fun to your cooking.
We have made soy sauce, an essential seasoning in Japanese cuisine, transparent.
Making soy sauce transparent has opened up new culinary uses that were previously unthinkable.
Clear soy sauce, which allows you to add the delicious flavor of soy sauce to a variety of dishes, is a seasoning that is becoming popular in Japan.
It has now spread and is loved all over the world.
Clear soy sauce for Western cuisine
Use the saltiness and umami of soy sauce as a secret ingredient in cooking
Highly praised by professional chefs
Goes great with olive oil

Combine with lemon and olive oil to keep the color vibrant.
Also used as a sauce for Western cuisine

Why is it transparent?
Fundodai is a long-established soy sauce company founded in 1896 (Meiji 2).
The clear soy sauce was developed over many years of research and development and was launched in 2019 as a commemorative product for the 150th anniversary of the company's founding.

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