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Rakuchintei Ginger Pork Sauce

Rakuchintei Ginger Pork Sauce

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Just add the pork and microwave!

This is a seasoning liquid designed specifically for use in the microwave that allows you to make ginger pork just by putting pork in the bag and microwaving it.
We use grated ginger and red sake from Kumamoto Prefecture to create a flavor that goes well with rice.

[Contents] 60g

Ingredients: Soy sauce (domestically produced), fermented seasoning, ginger, sugar, red sake, salt, yeast extract/thickener (modified starch), alcohol, (contains soybeans and wheat)

[Nutritional values]
(1 bag (60g)) Energy 86kcal, Protein 1.6g, Fat 0.1g, Carbohydrates 17g, Salt equivalent 4.1g
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