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Ultimate Dashi Soup

Ultimate Dashi Soup

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This is a three times concentrated sweet soup for Kyushu.
The mackerel, bonito flakes, horse mackerel flakes, and bonito flakes are from Makurazaki.
The dried urume fish used is from Nagasaki.
We also paid special attention to the flavor of the stock.

[Contents] 500ml

Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, starch syrup), soy sauce (domestically produced), protein hydrolysate, fermented rice seasoning, salt, brewed vinegar, concentrated stock (mackerel flakes, bonito flakes, round-headed horse mackerel flakes, bonito flakes, dried round sardines, shiitake mushrooms), kelp extract, bonito extract, yeast extract/alcohol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (contains soybeans, wheat, mackerel)

[Nutritional values]
(100ml) Energy 181kcal, Protein 4g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 36.5g, Salt equivalent 11g
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