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Kyushu Kumamoto Horse Offal Miso Stew

Kyushu Kumamoto Horse Offal Miso Stew

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Horse innards are easy to eat and healthy

We use horse innards with a soft texture, which has little odor and is soft.
Compared to beef or pork, horse meat is said to be low in fat and calories.

The secret to its deliciousness

Slowly simmered in a secret miso recipe that matches the horse innards until tender.
It is also recommended as a snack to go with alcohol or as a souvenir from Kumamoto.

[Contents] 150g

Ingredients: Horse intestines (large intestine, small intestine, stomach) (domestic, Canadian or other), milk, blended miso, onion, garlic, ginger, thickener (modified starch), seasoning (amino acid), sweetener (licorice), (contains soybeans, wheat and dairy products)

[Nutritional values]
(100g) Energy 112kcal, Protein 10.5g, Fat 4.6g, Carbohydrates 7.1g, Salt equivalent 1.9g
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