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45g wasabi oil

45g wasabi oil

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Very popular at the antenna shop [Demachi Hisaya]

Continues to be No. 1, surpassing clear soy sauce

Over the past two months, we have sold over 800 bottles at our antenna shop alone.

We can finally answer the questions, "Is it available nationwide yet?" and "Where can I buy it?"

Real wasabi has now been turned into oil.
Wasabi, a spice indispensable to Japanese cuisine, is now available as an easy-to-use oil.
The aroma of real wasabi blends well with the oil and ingredients of your dish, allowing you to enjoy a well-balanced wasabi flavor.
The mild, high-quality rapeseed oil is infused with the spicy ingredients and aroma extracted from wasabi.
We use real wasabi instead of horseradish, and the spiciness and aroma enhance the flavor of the dish.

It can be used for a variety of dishes, including roast beef, steak, salads, and carpaccio.

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