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A luxurious set of 6

A luxurious set of 6

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A gift set containing 6 of Fundodai's carefully selected products
This gift set includes six condiments: "Heisei," "Clear Soy Sauce," "Yuzu Maiu Ponzu Made with Clear Soy Oil," "Dashi Soy Sauce Made with Clear Soy Sauce," as well as a new product for 2023, "Truffle Soy Sauce Made with Clear Soy Sauce," and "Irizake," which won the Grand Prize in the "Japanese Traditional Seasonings" category at the 2022 Seasoning Championships.

The trial size is 100ml! How about giving it as a gift for the summer or winter holidays?

▼Please be careful▼
・This is a made-to-order product. It will take approximately 7 business days (excluding store holidays) to ship.
・Shipping may take some time depending on the number of items ordered.

-If you would like packaging, please write it in the comments section when placing your order.
*We will provide eco-packaging (simple packaging).

・Please note that we do not provide a service to include a shopping bag.

[Set contents] <1 of each>
Heisei 100ml
100ml clear soy sauce
Yuzumai Ponzu made with clear soy sauce 100ml
100ml of clear soy sauce
100ml roasted sake
100ml of truffle soy sauce made from clear soy sauce

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