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Kumamoto Decopon Jelly 12 pieces

Kumamoto Decopon Jelly 12 pieces

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Dekopon, a high-quality citrus fruit from Kumamoto, made into jelly

Dekopon jelly gift set

Dekopon is a type of high-quality citrus fruit called "Shiranui" and meets special quality standards of "sugar content 13 degrees and acidity 1% or less."
These fruits are shipped as Dekopon.
At JA Ashikita, we use these Dekopon fruits to create a refreshing jelly perfect for the summer.
This is a recommended item for midsummer gifts, celebration gifts, and as a cold dessert to treat guests.

■Specifications: 130g x 12 pieces (packed in gift box)
■Production area: Kumamoto Prefecture (Oguni Town, Aso District)
■Regarding product delivery: If you would like to specify a delivery date, please specify a date that is 6 business days or later.

■Product shipping: Products will be delivered via Yu-Pack (Japan Post).


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