"The mysterious, stain-free transparent soy sauce"

Soy sauce for Western cuisine

A new Japanese umami seasoning: "Clear Soy Sauce"

The usual dark soy sauce is now available in a transparent form. By making the dark soy sauce transparent, it is not only less likely to stain, but can also add saltiness and umami to a variety of dishes. This new soy sauce is popular not only with cooking enthusiasts, but also with professional chefs, and is a new Japanese umami seasoning. It is a seasoning that is also popular overseas, where Japanese cuisine is booming! Yuzu, dashi soy sauce, and truffle soy sauce have also been added to the lineup.

A new idea: clear soy sauce recommended for carpaccio sauce

This clear soy sauce is used in Italian and French restaurants. It is also recommended for carpaccio, taking advantage of the saltiness and umami of soy sauce. It also goes well with olive oil and lemon juice, so it is sure to be useful for celebrations and party dishes! The world of cooking is expanded by making it clear. By removing the black pigment, the sharpness of the soy sauce is reduced and the taste of the ingredients it is combined with is well balanced, resulting in a delicious taste never before seen.

It also makes marinated sashimi come out vibrantly.

If you use clear soy sauce, you can preserve the freshness of the ingredients and finish the soy sauce beautifully. It is bright but has a strong soy sauce flavor, so it is perfect for pickled rice bowls and chirashi sushi. Clear soy sauce is also useful for creating eye-catching dishes because it is not black.

Why is black soy sauce clear?

The raw material for clear soy sauce is made from Honjozo dark soy sauce. It starts with carefully making fermented and matured namaage soy sauce from Fundodai's Moromigura. After that, the clear soy sauce is born after a special clarification process and blending. Fundodai has been researching soy sauce separation and purification technology for many years, and has created soy sauce that applies separation technology, such as alcohol-free halal products, aroma removal, and reduced salt. And so, the clear soy sauce was born as a product to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the company's founding.

After six months of fermentation and aging, the squeezed out namaage soy sauce is subjected to a clarification process.

The most important step in the production of clear soy sauce is the fermentation process. The taste of soy sauce is determined by this fermentation. Since our founding, Fundodai has carefully preserved the yeast and lactic acid bacteria microorganisms necessary for the fermentation of soy sauce. We are often asked, "Does it have a dashi flavor?" but the dashi flavor comes from these microorganisms. This is the flavor that Fundodai has inherited. The taste of our clear soy sauce has been with us since 1869 and is the taste of our history. It is born from this flavor storehouse.

The nice thing about it is that it's transparent, so your clothes won't get dirty.

One of the great things about being transparent is that stains on clothes are not noticeable. This is great for families who wear fancy clothes to meals and have small children. It is also effective for teeth whitening.

The advantage of clear soy sauce is that it can be used in a variety of dishes.

It is transparent, so it is recommended for Western dishes. Even if you add soy sauce to a Western menu, it will not become Japanese-style, and you can add the "saltiness" and "umami" of soy sauce as a secret flavor to the dish. It goes well with lemon, kabosu, olive oil, sesame oil, pepper, vinegar, and vinegar. Transparent soy sauce adds umami to dishes without overpowering the soy sauce taste. It is a versatile seasoning that can be tried not only in Japanese-style dishes but also in all genres of cuisine.

The clear soy sauce won various awards.

This transparent soy sauce was developed in 2019 as a commemorative product for the 150th anniversary of our founding. It has received a lot of praise since its release. We designed a transparent soy sauce product for the Japan Package Design Awards, sponsored by the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA), a public interest incorporated association. It was awarded one of the top 100 in the cooking magazine "Ryori Oukoku." It also won the Innovative Award at the final round of the "Nippon Treasure Grand Prix," which showcases local treasures. It also won an award in 2019 for Japan's "Omotenashi Collection," which is recommended for inbound tourists.

Introducing a new seasoning! It has been featured in many media outlets.

Transparent soy sauce has been featured on many information programs and news shows. Before its release, it was introduced in the Trend Eggs corner of TV Tokyo's economic program "World Satellite News" (TV Tokyo), followed by numerous other programs such as King's Brunch (TBS), news every (Nippon TV), and Hirunandesu (Nippon TV). In 2023, it was introduced on amebaTV (TV Asahi), DAYDAY (Nippon TV), Super J Channel (TV Asahi), News Watch 9 (NHK), News Station (TV Asahi), and as the "secret story of the development of transparent soy sauce," it was also introduced on "Mr. Sunday" (TBS) and the popular walking program Junsanpo (TV Asahi).

This Idena dish will broaden your cooking options and make it a fun dish!

Roast beef with olive oil and clear soy sauce as a sauce. Preserve the color of salmon with lemon and clear soy sauce jelly for a party menu.

Taking advantage of the transparent nature of egg, we make fluffy egg rice. Beat the egg white and put it on the rice. You can eat it as it is by seasoning it with clear soy sauce. Also, the bean paste poured over mitarashi dango is transparent. It has the rich taste of mitarashi dango!

This super-clear pudding uses clear soy sauce in the sauce. We recreated the sauce using starch syrup and clear soy sauce. It's a surprising dessert that tastes like pudding but doesn't contain any milk or eggs. And try it with white fish sashimi with clear soy sauce. The color of the sashimi stays the same, and when served in a clear glass, it creates a crystal-like image for a stylish dining experience. Clear soy sauce has many charms! Please give it a try.

The clear soy sauce series has expanded to include yuzu ponzu and dashi soy sauce.

The popular clear soy sauce is available in a series. "Yuzu Maiu Ponzu made with clear soy sauce" is a very fruity ponzu sauce that is made with yuzu. It is the No. 1 seller at the Fundodai Tokyo Asakusa antenna shop! "Dashi soy sauce made with clear soy sauce" with bonito flakes and kelp stock is also available in a sealed bottle. And "Truffle soy sauce made with clear soy sauce" allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of truffles, so it is recommended for meat dishes. This is a lineup that can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes using soy sauce.

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