<Clear soy sauce> Carpaccio with soy sauce jelly

Ingredients (serves 2)


  • Clear soy sauce・・・・・・・・・50ml
  • Gelatin: 1g
  • Water: 40ml
  • Water (for softening gelatin) - 10ml
  • Dashi (Kombu seaweed is recommended)...a little
  • Mirin・・・・・・・・・25ml


  • Sea bream (for sashimi)・・・・・・100g
  • Baby leaves・・・・・・Appropriate amount
  • Lemon: appropriate amount
  • Clear soy sauce・・・・・・・2 tablespoons
  • Chicken breast・・・・・・300g
  • Boiled egg: 1
  • Sesame oil・・・・・・・2 tablespoons
  • Baby leaves.....appropriate amount
  • Potato starch・・・・・・a suitable amount

How to make it


STEP 1: Soak the gelatin in water. Put water, dashi, and mirin in a pot and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and add the soaked gelatin.

STEP 2 Add clear soy sauce to STEP 1. Once cooled, chill in the refrigerator until solidified.



STEP 3 Thinly slice the sea bream and arrange on a plate. Finely tear the baby leaves and place them in the center. Thinly slice the lemon and decorate in the center.

STEP 4 Once the jelly has solidified, crumble it with a fork and place it on top of the sashimi.




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